Hiring the best Candid Wedding Photographer is single handedly the most important thing if you have not already met the right partner for your life.

Why Candid Wedding Photographer?

If you are considering a photographer, it has to be a candid wedding photographer as they are different breed of photographers who aim to document an event artistically compared to the regular ‘flash on the face’ photographer whose sole job is just to document the details without any artistic touch.

Candid Wedding Photographer
A bride shot candidly by the candid wedding photographer

Why choosing a Candid Wedding Photographer is difficult?

Now that you know which breed of photographers to consider, the next big task is to zero-in on the best and this in itself is a task. There are many good artists in town but to have one shoot your wedding, you have to consider a few parameters.

  1. Are you an outgoing on a introvert?
  2. Are you looking at fancy work or pure candid photography only?
  3. What’s the kind of budget you are considering?
  4. Do you have any reference for the photographer?
  5. Have you seen the photographer’s past work and is that style appealing to you?

When you answer these questions, you are likely to have more clarity on what kind of photographer is better suited to shoot your wedding.

Approaching the Photographer

Finally, when you have selected one, how do you approach the photographer is also important as you need to come across as someone who appreciates art work rather than coming across as someone looking for a cheap photographer and asking directly on the pricing. Acknowledging the photographer’s past work is good signal to start a cordial conversation which is can then eventually lead to the pricing once you share the details of your wedding itinerary. How the photographer treats you before the commitment is also a strong signal of the kind of work ethics s/he carries. Also read about the photographer in the about section to see what is their history and why have they chosen this domain, that is also an excellent way to gauge the photographers sincerity. Read about PhotoArtist here. Check out PhotoArtist’s style of imagery here.